DOB: 21/09/1996

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Star sign: Virgo

Features: Thick stubble, Usually with cornrows, often wears a bucket hat.

Personality: Blunt, Straight-forward, respectful

Education: Completed his personal training licence straight out of high school.

Occupation: Personal Trainer, Army Reserve.  

Favourite Snack: Grilled Catfish.

Favourite drink: Guava monster Energy drink.

Hobbies: Gym, Rugby.

Bio: Torr is obsessed with staying fit, if hes not at the gym hes training with his rugby team. Torr is also an army reserve and spends 1 week of every month at his army base for training. Torr has to stay out of trouble or he will be kicked out of the army reserves. So he often avoids conflict where he can.

Torr can be very blunt and does not sugar coat thing, but at the same time he is respectful and chivalrous. He was brought up with old-school values. He is also a manly-man with a strong muscly build. all Which makes him very charming and attractive to women.

Inspired by Torr


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