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DOB: 19/06/2002

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Star sign: Gemini

Features: Two eyebrow piercings on right eyebrow, shoulder length bob cut. hazel eyes, Left ear pierced, painted nails.

Personality: Trouble Maker.

Education: Studied Computer Science A levels.

Occupation: Bartender.  

Favourite Snack: BBQ base Pepperoni Pizza

Favourite drink: Guava Monster Energy Drink

Hobbies: Skateboarding, Clubbing. 

Bio: Kite is that boy that always seems to be the center of drama and trouble. Growing up he was picked on because of his style and looks. People presume he is Gay because of how he presents himself. but Kite Never backed down from a fight, hes tougher than he looks and often surprised his assailants. Kite Never goes out to start trouble, but trouble often finds him. He is popular with guys and girls and is also a big flirt, hence drama constantly follows him. Kite is a part-time student studying footwear and accessories at East London University. You will often find him in some funky shoes. Although Kite is presumed gay His sexuality is unknown to even his closest friends, he flirts with both guys and girls but has never been in a serious relationship. 

Inspired by Kite


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